BuildOn Claims

Artificial intelligence-infused, end-to-end claims management

Reclaim claims with more brains! BuildOn Claims is our artificial intelligence-infused claims management application for the insurance and legal industries on the ServiceNow platform, taking full advantage of its out-of-the-box capabilities. BuildOn Claims manages the complete claims lifecycle, and centralizes case content, communication, and visibility.

Complete Claims Management Lifecycle

With BuildOn Claims your workflow is automated, reducing inefficient manual processes - from the assignment of responsibilities to intake and recoupment. Emails and notifications are also automated upon specific triggers. And, with AI, you can now capture all correspondences, emails and activities within a claim record automatically. You can view all claim activities, including updates and track status of all task and approval requests from within claim record to get insight into any bottlenecks in the workflow process.

BuildOn Claims makes it easy to seek approvals, send documents, make requests and assign tasks from within claim records. It creates automated reports and manages documents and financials. Users can manage, send, review, approve and update all claim related documents inside BuildOn Claims. Management of all financials, including reserves, expenses, loss payments, third party contributions are a breeze. And to cap it all off, users can run reports and create graphs and charts as well.

Advantages & Capabilities

  • Infused with Artificial intelligence
  • Centralizes case content and communication
  • Automates workflow & reduces inefficient manual processes
  • Gives visibility into all claim activity
  • Reduces work performed in email and spreadsheets
  • Manages documents and financials

AI Features on our Roadmap

Historical claims and patterns analysis, fraud detection, external attorney performance analysis, intelligent adjudication of a claim, customer-facing chatbot, agent assist and decision making, intelligent routing, predictive claims, and outcome workload analysis.

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