BuildOn Claims

Our flagship vertical application, BuildOn Claims is an efficient, end-to-end claims management tool with intelligent decision support that helps lower costs and create happier customers. BuildOn Claims is AI-infused and on the ServiceNow platform.

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BuildOn AI

AI Building Blocks

Smart routing, fraud detection, pattern analysis, cognitive OCR data extraction, sentiment analysis, and a conversational user interface. Our AI building blocks plug and play with our vertical applications and get smarter over time.


The DNA to Create Tomorrow's Vertical Applications

We take a user experience led and Lean approach to conceptualize, implement, and deliver AI-infused solutions for our vertical applications on the ServiceNow platform.

  • User Experience

    Always be learning from your users. From beginning to end.

    We adapt Lean UX principles to design and iterate smart products and services for the enterprise. From designing a chatbot experience to customer portals to an enterprise AI dashboard, UX is part of it all.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Enterprise artificial intelligence is already here. Are you ready?

    We look at AI as a platform that creates a new front line of engagement for end users with a set of holistic, intelligent service solutions that talk to each other and other systems behind the scenes.

  • Cloud Technology

    The backbone of AI-ready enterprises.

    We advocate the right balance of out-of-the-box with strategic investments for custom development and integration work.

AI as the building blocks for BuildOn Claims provides smarter claim processing and allows our clients to differentiate themselves from their competitors by enhancing the abilities of their claims workforce - improving overall customer service for their policy holders.

- Barry L. Gamage, SVP, Product Strategy

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